What is Social Media Broadcasting

The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.

By defining social broadcasting this way, we can see that it can be very useful for marketing and in general terms, promoting your message directly to the followers of brands and people.

Media Partners





Our Podcasting solutions are digital audio or video files available on the internet in such a way that others can set their computers to automatically download new episodes in a series as you post them. There are as many types of podcasts as there are topics.

Graphic Design & Logos


Common uses of our graphic design solutions include corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books),  advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging and signage.

Remote Podcast & Videos


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. We offer Studio In A Box! it will give you a professional and global appearance when streaming live anywhere there is WiFi. 

Video Editing


Video editing is the process of putting together, cleaning up and finalizing a video for presentation or output. It is mostly used to describe post-production work, which is the work done after all of the shots and footage have been taken and all that still needs to be done is put them together in order to come up with the final output.



Posting your live stream on Face Book isn't enough to reach the masses.  KAZ Network streams live simultaneously on Face Book, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube, Apple TV, ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more..



We believe in giving back to our community. Our Non Profit 'KAZ Television Network' (501c3) provides free video production training in the areas of Camera, Editing, Lighting and Sound and Internet Marketing. 

About Us


Our Programming

Our programing consist of believers from all around the world, from churches to 

business owners and everyday people who have a story to share. We believe that the technology of live streaming and social media is a tool to level the playing field of social media broadcasting worldwide.


Our Non Profit 501c3

KAZ Radio TV Network also holds a 501c3 status, dedicated to the training of youth 

in the City of Cleveland, in the areas of video production training, Camera, Editing, Lighting and Sound and Internet Video Marketing. For more information regarding our programs contact us by email info@kazradiotv.com


Join Our Tribe of On Air Producers & Personalities

Its never to late to live your dream of becoming an on air personality. We are always searching for that right tribe member to join our team. If you have a show idea and are ready to invest in your dream of social media broadcasting to the masses, contact  us today. 

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